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Hi, I'm Hira Iqbal

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Some projects I've worked on

4 fabrics-2.jpg


"The arabesque is a form of artistic decoration consisting of 'surface decorations based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing foliage, tendrils' or plain lines, often combined with other elements."

Main Goal

Create a collection based on the inspiration.


My inspiration came from Moroccan architecture and culture.


This Kaftan is digitally printed on a 5-momme silk. I created the motifs digitally and printed on the silk to create this stunning dress.

My Role

I participated in trend and consumer research in order to create a Kaftan that is modern and luxurias


The motif and color inspiration for the dress came from Magnolia Trees.

DSC_0667 (1).jpg


This furniture collection used several different surface design techniques in order to create a comprehensive collection. Different techniques used included: embroidery and beading, screen printing, immersion dyeing, digitally printing, laser cutting, and laser etching. 

My Role

This collection was a group effort from me and my peers. I was the group leader, so it was my responsibility to make sure everyone completed on time.



Santa Fe is a collection of Jacquard woven fabrics that was inspired by the Kravet brand "Museum of New Mexico." The end use of the collection is for home furnishing.

Main Goal

Create a cohesive collection based on the inspiration and work around the limitations of the technology used.

print repeat anthro.png

Desert Storm

The prints in the collection 'Desert Storm' are inspired by the trends seen in Spring/Summer '19.


Research was done through Fashion Snoops. Color pallete contains blushed tones, pulled from desert florals.


Aster is a sweater that is made of a 20s/2 cotton yarn. It is inspired by the 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet as well as the flowers named "Aster."

Main Goal

Create a sweater to fit my intended target market.

side look.jpg
knit file layout right size.png


A Jacquard Knit dress that was inspired by vintage icecream shops and diners.  

My Role

I designed the motifs and created an engineered design that would wrap around the dress from front to back.

I've completed my projects using these skills and technologies:

Lectra Kaledo

Shima Seiki APEX3

Digital Printing

Adobe Create Suite

Color Research

Jacquard Weaving

Trend Research

Industrial Sewing

Jacquard Knitting

Nice to meet you.

I am currently a graduate student studying textiles at NC State. For my undergrad, I majored in Fashion and Textile Design at North Carolina State University. I also pursued a minor in textile technology!

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