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I'm Hira,
nice to meet you.

I am a recent graduate student at the Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion and Textile Design, concentrated in Textile Design. I also pursued a minor in Textile Technology.  I most recently graduated with a Master of Science in Textiles. I love learning how to use the technology provided by the university to create a variety of textile products. One of my favorite projects so far has been the Kaftan I made, which was showed in Donghua Fashion Week in Shanghai China, as well as the Las Vegas MAGIC trade show. 

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Thank you for viewing my portfolio! 


How I start the design process

To start off the design process, I like to do research on the product at hand, so that I can design within the constraints. Most of my trend research is done through outlets like Fashion Snoops and Pinterest. That is where I find inspiration photos as well as develop color palletes. I also like to figure out the target market in the beginning so that I can design for that specific group or person.

What I've been working on 

I recently graduated with my masters degree and am looking forward to working in the industry as a print/pattern designer.

What I'm passionate


My most recent role was a Textile Design TA at the university. Before that, I worked at Reborn Clothing Co., which is a startup company that takes textile "waste" from its consumers, then designs and manufactures it into products. I was extremely passionate about working there because they take sustainability into consideration before creating and designing a product.

Contact me

Email me at: or call me at 919-389-9833

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