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SS 2020 Home Furnishing Collection



This collection is inspired by Pakistani culture. More specifically, inspiration came from vintage Pakistani textiles and translating them into a modern home furnishing collection. It uses traditional methods such as beading and embroidery and brings them into new and innovative textile designs. 

Hira Iqbal Mood Board.jpg
Layer 33.png

Breaking Down the Process

Layer 34.png
Layer 35.png

I will now take you through the process of making the 6 key components to this home furnishing collection:

  • Woven daybed fabric

  • Textured woven pillows

  • Dyed velvets

  • Applique

  • Prints

  • Woven Tapestry

Layer 36.png
Layer 37.png
Layer 38.png
Layer 40.png
Layer 41.png
Layer 42.png
Layer 43.png
Layer 44.png
tapestry snip.JPG

A Closer Look

Layer 39.png
Layer 45.png
Layer 46.png
Layer 48.png
Layer 47.png
Layer 49.png

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