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Jacquard Knit Engineered Dress.

Trend and Consumer Research


The fabric was developed by a jacquard knitting machine and then the dress was constructed together to create the final look.


Using resources such as Fashion Snoops and trend forecasting, I was able to come up with colors that are cool and soft. I chose colors and motifs that played off of a summer theme while not sticking to traditional summer colors and motifs. 


Color is the most important aspect consumers look at when purchasing clothes. Having colors that work together is crucial. 


The shape and fit of the dress has to be appropriate for the consumer. 


The target market for the dress is a woman in her early to mid-twenties. She is someone who likes to go out and have fun while being unique. She has a love for all things retro and vintage. 


The inspiration for this dress came from vintage ice cream shops. I made motifs based on the shaped I found in the ice cream and candy as well as the vintage colors.

red and green.jpg

Breaking Down the Process

I started out by creating a lot of motifs, so that I would have a lot to work with. Here is a look at a portion of my motif clipboard on Kaledo.

motif clipboard knit.JPG
icecream scoop.JPG
icecream cone.JPG

These are two of the main motifs I decided to work with. I made a variety by changing the color-ways.

motif knit.JPG
knit pattern.JPG
meltaway color pallete.JPG


The last step was to create the full file, ready to be knit. After it was knit, I cut the fabric and sewed the dress together, keeping in mind that the designs in the front and back of the dress needed to align. This is what makes it an engineered garment. 

knit file layout right size.png

A Closer Look


After creating my motifs, I had to choose a pattern for the final dress that I wanted to make. For this step, I took a pre-existing pattern and brought it to the correct dimensions. This step was important because the silhouette of the dress needed to compliment my designs.

back piece_edited.png

Jacquard Knitting

Mayer CIE OVJA 1.6E 3wt with Filter Creel

20/2 Black, 24/1 Pale Blue, 30/1 Red, 70/2 Celery


Model: Kori Hyer

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