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Motifs in this collection were inspired by intricate details and tile artwork usually found throughout Turkish mosques and architecture. This collection consists of two throw pillows and a knitted throw blanket.


Mavi, a global inspired collection for the interior, showcases fabrics that have ancient design motifs sourced from worldly treks and travels for consumers with an eclectic style who wish to bring comfortable, durable, fabrics into their family home.


Target Market

The fabrics will appeal to the well-traveled consumers or consumers who aspire for the globe-trotting lifestyle and wish this global design aesthetic into their modern home.


Color Pallete

Mavi in the turkish language translates to "blue." The colors in this collection focus on making the blue the center.


Key Goal

To create a cohesive collection that goes well with the consumer in mind.


Design and trend information for the fabric collection Mavi came from the intricate details and tile artwork typically found throughout Turkish architecture and mosques. The Mavi Collection is a modern take on intricate, but timeless tile work. According to WGSN, tiles are trending in the home furnishing industry. Color research shows that hues of blue with pops of bright colors are common in the market for 2020. Mavi is the classic take of incorporating a different culture in a modern home.


First, I took from the inspiration and created motifs. 

blue mosque.jpg
motif 6 BOLD cleaned indexed.tif

Motif One

I made these motifs on the computer using photoshop, and then created them into prints using Lectra Kaledo Print. I chose to keep the motifs symmetrical and was inspired by the tile designs in Turkish architecture.

Capture 1.JPG
Capture 2.JPG

Motif Two

Motif Three


Motif Four

blue mosque wall_edited.jpg
Capture 3.JPG
Capture 5.JPG
color pallete.JPG

Four yarn colors used to weave the file.

Motifs were colored in photoshop and then changed to the right size so that it would weave correctly based on PPI.

The back of the pillows were color tiles. In order to achieve this look through weaving, the weaving file looked like this in photoshop. Every different color represents the different yarn colors and weave structures used to create the color effect. 

Capture 4.JPG
mavi background.JPG

The final file ready to be woven on an industrial Jacquard loom.



The Mavi Collection is targeting a middle to upper-class family whose matriarch shops at places like Pier One, West Elm, and Pottery Barn. As the main decision maker for the home, the mother chooses a neutral base for her home furnishing and adds throws and pillows with deep, rich colors as accent pieces that can be changed out or rearranged within the home. 

Mavi is a collection that is meant to bring a sense of comfort to any room. The woven pillows are intended to be statement pieces on a more neutral bed set. They are meant to bring that wow-factor to brighten any room. The knitted throw is not only décor, but also lends to be a comfortable blanket. The pieces themselves are quite versatile, so they can also be used to decorate a living room.

A closer look



Technology Used


Loom: 54" Dornier Rigid Rapier with Staubli JC5 Electronic Jacquard Head

Loom Set up: 84 e.p.i and 42 p.p.i

Warp: 30/2 Cotton Count

Weft: Automative Flocked Yarns and Chenille yarns. 21% Cotton

18" x 18" Repeat

Software: EAT DesignScope Victor

This collection is made of majority cotton yarns. Cotton is a very important aspect of this collection, because it brings different aesthetic and performance qualities to the fabric. Cotton has moisture wicking properties, a good hand, and is known for its durability. This is important in products for home furnishing, because cotton lends itself to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and breathable.

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