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Knitted Gloves

Fall 2020

Weft and Warp Knit Engineering and Structural Design

Glove Documentation Process

glove 8.JPG


Glove One

To create a glove, we used the SWGN2 Machine with the bed length 60 and at 15 gauge.


We selected an all-needle, 5 finger glove for the left hand. For narrowing we selected 1 stitch narrowing. 


The next thing we needed to do was figure out the course and wale count. 

For the first glove, we chose:

Wales 72/10cm

Courses 117/10cm


For inches this was:

Wales: 72/4 inches

Courses 117/4 inches


Selected 1x1 Special Rib

Make sure it is carrier 4.

This glove ended up being way too big in the palm. It was too long, the fingers were too long as well. Overall the glove did not fit on my hand at all.

glove 1.JPG


glove 2.JPG

Glove Two

The only change made to this glove was a new course and wale count. We made this decision because the knit was way too tight. 


To go back in and change the sizing, go to initialize pattern on the right hand side of the screen and select size input.


The new counts:

Wale 74/4inches

Courses 144/4 inches


This was a comparison between glove one (left) and glove two (right). The sizing was a bit better but the glove still did not fit on my hand. The sizing of the glove was off so for glove three I remeasured my hand.

glove 3.JPG


This is an image of how glove two fit on my hand.

glove 4.JPG


Glove Three

For the final and third glove, I changed the measurements to be more accurate to my hand. I did not change the wale and course size this time.


I changed the finger widths from 3/4ths of an inch to an inch.

In the last step of processing, I changed it to a 1 stitch bind off. 

glove 5.JPG
glove 6.JPG
glove 7.JPG
glove 8.JPG

Overall, the third glove was my best attempt. It fit on my hand this time!


If I could do this again, I would make a few changes:


Increase the width of the fingers. They were still a little too tight.

Decrease the length of the fingers. They were too long. 

glove 8.JPG
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